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Essex Boys: Law of Survival “Six Shooter” Interview


The Six Shooter



2015-08-25 16.38.01Road Rash Reviews is happy to be involved with the successful and well received Micro Budget, British film Essex Boys: The Law of Survival, after attending the premier in Dagenham, we managed to grab some interviews with the writer, director and some of the main cast. 

Here is what we had to ask the cast and crew and what they had to say on their 5 Star Indie film.

Photo credits to © Gaz de Vere – All Rights Reserved

& Stephen ‘Sid’ and Erica Jardine.

Our first questions went to writer/ main lead Chris Bell.

cbell11: How does that achievement make you feel, seeing cast and crew all assembled in front of the big screen?

 It’s a great achievement seeing everyone together at the premier. You can remember the moment you pick up the pen and start writing the story and how all the characters you have created come to life on the big screen. It is a lot of hard work for a 90 minute story.

Words can’t describe that butterfly type feeling you get when the film starts rolling and you look at the full auditorium. These people are watching our imagination (eeeek).
After the screening is always fun meeting and talking to people, signing posters and answering questions. You get asked some strange questions, believe me!!

eblosensamble2: What gave you the idea to write about the “Range Rover” murders?

We were on set for our last movie when I received a call from the exec producer offering us an Essex Boys film. Steven and I spoke about it and after further discussions we accepted the gig on the condition we could create a new fictional story. My thoughts are that the Range Rover murders have been covered too many times and I wanted to make something different with a twist as opposed to going over the same old ground.

3: How did you meet Steven M. Smith, and what brought you back together for Essex Boys, Law of Survival?

eblosticketsSteven and I joined forces on the last movie “Hooligans at War: North vs South”. I went to him as I needed his experience in features to bring my gangster short film to a feature length. We had limited resources, funds and time and what we pulled off went to No. 1 in HMV and also secured an international distribution deal. Many people failed to see the hard work that went into that film and only those connected to the film knew the five year journey which started as a short film “Three Stops Down from Plaistow”.
After successfully completing this film, we went straight into pre production of Essex Boys.

4: Did you write Essex Boys, Law of Survival for you to play Danny?

In one word YES!
Steve and I came up with a simple concept of my character losing EVERYTHING and the simple conclusion of what would you do when you have nothing else to lose?
I’m a regular London guy like Danny so why shouldn’t I play him?
ebloschrisnsteveI wanted the story to have a harrowing start, similar to that of the original Robocop movie. You see the character getting ruined, pick himself back up and go after the bad guys. I wanted the film to be a stand alone fun film. Lots of people have told us how much they enjoyed Law of Survival as it wasn’t what they were expecting. Some cried for the characters, some hated the characters and some loved the characters – what more could you ask for?

5: What has Chris Bell got in store next?

I have just wrapped on a new BBC1 drama special which airs early next year. I have also just secured a great part in a horror sequel which films in December and I’m in talks for other features. Steven and I start writing our next feature this coming week which follows the gangland genre. This will likely begin filming sometime in October.
Busy Busy Busy!!

2015-09-07 18.31.546: Essex Boys, Law of Survival was made on a £20,000 micro budget, what would be your ideal budget, and for what project?

I don’t talk figures as every project is different. If the figure is small then the film has to be written in a way to cater for the small budgets. As much as I enjoy playing the gangster roles, I would really love to channel my skills in drama and comedy. As an actor I would be crazy not to accept the work so I am simply going with the flow and portray each character to the best of my abilities.

Thanks Mr Bell for taking the time to answer our “Six Shooter” questions.

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