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Max Payne Retribution Trailer Review

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RRR’s friend and Director Leroy Kincaide launches the Official Trailer for the long awaited Max Payne Retribution Fan Film. Its full of the Max Payne action we love, along with a dark and chilling thriller vibe which is very intriguing and perfectly timed for Halloween, especially with some hints of devil worship.

Leroy wanted to keep the game’s essence in the film, but also wanted to draw on cinematic styles from John Wick and The Equalizer.  The characters, world and storylines follow Max Payne 1 and 2, all the while taking its own original approach, which will excite the gamers so many years after the first game was released in 2001.

“It feels so great to see the project finally come to life, but also being able to contribute to the legacy that is Max Payne. Being such a huge part of my teenage years it gives me great pleasure to still see so many fans support the games and project. I want to also give huge thanks to Sam Lake and Remedy Entertainment for bringing such a legendary game into our lives- it really has been one of the main reasons I want to pursue my career as a Film Director.”

Director Leroy Kincaide

Since the project began development in 2014, Director Leroy Kincaide and Producer Chloe Chudasama has had support from the Max Payne 2 Original photographic model “Kathy Tong” as well as the Rockstar Games supported fansite “Payne Reactor”. They also have some well established actors donating their time to be in the film, such as Jon Campling who recently played King Regis in the new Final Fantasy Kingsglaive movie.

“The release of the trailer for MAX PAYNE RETRIBUTION is a turning point in Max Payne history. A valuable addition to the long running legacy, the cast and crew of RETRIBUTION are clearly aiming to release a cinematic noir experience like no other fan movie has done so before. ”

Patrick Streutjens-

(Official Max Payne fan site supported by Rockstar Games and Remedy Entertainment)

RRR says that this is a true and raw edition to the ace game franchise of Max Payne and one one for true fans and those who are new but love this genre. Who knows what may come, but I would want to play a game based on this film.

“It’s Dark, It’s Dangerous and it Delivers”



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