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Boon Digital Release Review***--

Cert 15 | 95 mins | 2022

3 Star

From Injustice, to Redemption.

Writer/director Derek Presley (Whitetail, Cronus) brings us the next stage in hitman Boon’s (Red Stone) life, created with the help of lead actor Neal McDonough (Minority Report, Captain America: The First Avenger). A Deadly Combination.

While Boon (Neal McDonough) is lying low after the events in Red Stone, doing it the best he knows and hiding in plain sight, Agent Redd (Demetrius Grosse, 13 Hours, Rampage) is on the hunt for Boon and paying for information on Boon’s whereabouts. He is in Upstate, New York, in a small town called Morgan. His ex-boss has sent contract killers after Boon, but not one of them has returned. Today, a black car follows Boon down the street, another paid killer is on Boon’s tail. Boon gets in his station wagon and heads out of town, when far enough away from town he stops the wagon and waits as the hired killer wonders what is going on. He gets a bullet in him but survives and scrambles into the forest, with Boon in pursuit. Face to face, a stand-off, bullets fly, the hired gun dies, but Boon is also hit in the gut.

He wakes up in unfamiliar surroundings, he is in Catherine’s (Christiane Seidel, The Queen’s Gambit (TV Mini Series), Paradise Highway) cabin which she shares with her son Elijah (Jake Melrose, After, Beyond The After). Catherine is a preacher for the town of Morgan like her husband before her, but unlike her husband Catherine isn’t an alcoholic. Her husband also had other vices which caused him to be heavily in debt with local entrepreneur Mr. Fitzgerald (Neal McDonough, Gladiator, Braveheart) and his daughter-in-law Emilia (Christina Ochoa, Animal Kingdom (TV Series), Cats Dancing on Jupiter) and that is what has caused her present predicament. Mr Fitzgerald is building a tunnel on her land, so that he can smuggle things across the border. That isn’t so bad, it is Bud (James Madio, The Basketball Diaries, I Love Us) and Pryce (John Patrick Jordan, Evil Bong 888: Infinity High, Flashout), but mainly Pryce, as he keeps on trying to hit on her while he is drunk.

Catherine helps Boon while her recuperates, giving him lifts into town and collecting shopping, and Boon repays her when Pryce takes things too far in assaulting Catherine. This causes Elijah to run and get Boon, who uses his skills to take down Pryce, which Bud doesn’t take kindly to as he knew it would happen, but just not right now and not with the appearance of the very effective Boon. This now puts Catherine, Elijah and Boon in the Fitzgerald’s firing-line. With Redd hot on Boon’s tail as well, this will lead to some serious trouble for our trio.

Boon, is a great action, drama as he embellishes his character as the stoic killer. Compared to the vulnerability of Catherine and her son Elijah, and the powerful performances by Neal McDonough, as the real top man of Morgan, but it is the unhinged Emilia that you have to watch out for. Gripping stuff.

Boon is available on Digital 22nd May

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DirectorDerek Presley
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
StarringNeal McDonough, Tommy Flanagan, Jason Scott Lee, Christina Ochoa, Demetrius Grosse