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Breaking Infinity Digital Release Review****-

Cert 12 | 86 mins | 2023

4 Star

How Do You Save Everything?

Firstly, my hat comes off to the writer of Breaking Infinity David Trotti (Exorcist: House of Evil, 9-1-1) for bringing us a fresh Sci-Fi story, and secondly the editor Stephen Hedley (Heartstopper (TV Series), Sensation) for keeping this time travelling story together. Directed by Marianna Dean (Hollyoaks (TV Series), Emmerdale (TV Series)), she has taken the leap from directing popular TV Series to the feature film, in this ambitious Sci-Fi story. Breaking Infinity takes Sci-Fi by the scruff of the neck and gives it a big shake up, for the better, I must say. This is a short, no spoilers review.

A rocky, isolated valley, an old man (Martin Bishop, Wonder Woman, The Hustle) and a man lying in a hospital bed. “Wakeup!” Liam (Neil Bishop, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, The Alby) wakes with a start, he finds himself, in a small isolation ward. We see a flashback of an explosion, and Liam crawling through the wreckage. This explains some of his injuries. He is alone, so he rises and tries to look for someone as he collapses. Then he is up again, but minus the injuries of the first Liam. Dr Emma (Zoe Cunningham, The Look of Love, Nightlens) is with the amnesic Liam, she explains that he was in his lab when he was exposed to an intense electromagnetic field, which has affected the frontal lobe of his brain, causing his memory loss.

We see the injured Liam outside, where we saw the old man and then there is an apocalyptic explosion, wiping everything out of existence. The explosion takes us to a fully clothed Liam having a fight for his life. Back with injured Liam, Emma tells him that there is just one dose of morphine in the drip if he needs it for pain relief. The next thing, we see Liam going into cardiac arrest due to an overdose of morphine. Indicating that all the Liam’s are connected in time and space. This convinces Liam that whatever he has done, he has set in motion the end of everything.

This is how I know, I have been here before.

Liam must convince Emma that he is not just making stuff up, and that he knows what he is talking about. He finds out that Carter (Jonny Phillips, Bronson, Woodwoo) is eager for Liam to prove that his experiment is viable, to send things through time, before anyone else gets hold of the technology. So along with Garret (Zed Josef, MIssiON XVI, King of Crime), Liam’s assistant in the original experiment, Liam must right his wrongs and between him selves he must succeed. Breaking Infinity takes a Sci-Fi story and turns it on its head.

If I don’t change the past, there won’t be a future!

Breaking Infinity is available on Digital, and VOD




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DirectorMarianna Dean
GenreSci-Fi, Thriller
StarringNeil Bishop, Zoe Cunningham, Martin Bishop and Zed Josef