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The Entity Blu-ray Review****-

Cert 18 | 119 mins | 1982

4 stars of controversial early eighties horror.

The Entity was originally released in 1982 and is written and based on the best selling novel of the same name by Frank De Felitta (Audrey Rose, Scissors). The novel was based on the alleged real paranormal case of Doris Bither 1974 and the film adaptation was directed by Sidney Furie (The Ipcress File, Iron Eagle).

“Some things are more terrible than other things. Some children are more sensitive than other children.”

 Carla Moran (Barbara Hershey – Insidious, Falling Down) is a hard working single mother with three children, Billy (David Labiosa – Bulletproof), Julie (Natasha Ryan – The Amityville Horror) and Kim (Melanie Gaffin – Whiz Kids). She also attends night school to learn typing in the hope of bettering herself.

This all goes out of the window one night, when she is brutally attacked in her bedroom by what seems to be an invisible force. Billy is unable to find anyone in the house and the family try to return to normal, but when the room starts to shake, Carla grabs the children and goes to her friend Cindy’s (Margaret Blye – The Italian Job) house for safety.

Cindy thinks she should seek professional help after she confides she was raped by an invisible man, but Carla is resistant. When she is attacked in her car and almost killed she reluctantly agrees and goes to a walk in centre where she meets the man who will become her psychiatrist, Dr. Sneiderman (Ron Silver – Ali, Timecop).

Their relationship is an uneasy one, as he fully believes that her problems are purely psychological and she is convinced that there is some sort of entity targeting her. As the attacks continue, a chance encounter leads her to meet two young parapsychologists who persuade their boss Dr. Cooley (Jacqueline Brookes – The Good Son, Ghost Story) to take on her case and search for the entity.

The Entity is a very effective horror film. The acting performances are brilliant, especially Barbara Hershey, who puts in a disturbingly realistic performance throughout all of the attack scenes. The special effects are also pretty good and although there isn’t a huge amount of suspense it is certainly horrifying.

It’s main problem is that the end is implausible, silly and frankly downright ridiculous. It’s a shame really, but the rest of it is still good enough to make this well worth adding to your collection.

“Carla, you’re one of the most stable people I know and you are definitely not insane, but when men who aren’t actually there come into your room and have intercourse with you, then it is time for you to see a good psychiatrist.”

The Entity is available to buy now on DVD

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DirectorSydney Furie
StarringBarbara Hershey, Ron Silver, David Labiosa
Available to buy on : Own The Entity on Blu-Ray
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