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Gangoul & Tricksy iBook Review

gan&tickcover5 Star Halloween Fun.

From the mind and pen of Mark N. Harrison, A Shadoworks Production, he brings us an amazing CGI animated book that is sure to thrill and entertain the young minds around the world this Halloween.

Suitable for children over 8. Contains some minor scary moments.

gantrickmeanThe mean Mr McGreedy and his dog Growler don’t like people, especially at Halloween time gan&tricksweetsnas they want to have all the sweets and treats to themselves, for Mean McGreedy the lover of solitude and his sweet treats. He has come up with gruesome ways to deter the most fervent of Trick or Treaters, such as a wired up non welcome mat.

gan&tricknameBut there is one spirit that you cannot say no to, Tricksy!

What will Mean McGreedy do to placate Tricksy as he is visited by various spirits that try to convince the mean old man and his dog to find the gift of giving. 

Enjoy the spirit of All Hallows Eve with this iBook

gan&trickbellWith plans to expand on this indie project Mark tells RRR, “the Gangoul book we want to add new and exciting animation over the next year. An example of this would be come next Easter we would be adding all new animation to the book that deals with the ‘Chocky’ Easter Rabbit. This will be a new concept in digital book reading. The story always remains the same but the details and perspective change. Almost a virtual book.

‘All Hallows Eve’ written and performed by Chris Hoar and Composed by Nigel Lowe (Solo Deep) (We Are Soldier)

” So….

don”t be mean this Halloween with your candies and your sweets, ’cause nobody wants on this hallows eve a Knock from Tricksy Treat.’

gan&tricbannerAvailable to Buy Online Now.


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