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Kills on Wheels Review****-

Cert 15 | 105 mins | 2017

4 stars of unusual and clever action thriller.

Kills On Wheels is a Hungarian film, presented here with English subtitles. It is now available to buy on Dual Format DVD and Blu-ray.

It is written and directed by Attila Till (Panic) based on his experiences working with disabled people. Here’s his statement of the reasoning behind making the film.

“I have met several people in wheelchairs while I was volunteering with the disabled. These personal encounters inspired me to present a story about a wheelchair bound boy who is struggling with his own identity as much as with his environment and he finds a way to cope with life’s challenges in his own extreme fantasy world. It was crucial to me to make a movie about disabled people where they finally aren’t played by actors, but they get the opportunity to act themselves and be the real heroes.”

Zoli (Zoltán Fenyvesi) is a young man dealing with life in a wheelchair. He requires life saving surgery on his spine, but won’t accept the money from his estranged father to pay for it, much to the annoyance of his mother Zita (Mónika Balsai – Liza the Fox Fairy). He is living in a rehabilitation centre with his best friend and roommate Barba (Ádám Fekete) who also has a serious disability and relies on his mobility scooter and his car to get around.

Together they are writing a comic book based on themselves as characters, which they take to competitions in the hope of being published and cleverly, cells from the comic are included in the film between the scenes.

Both of their lives are changed dramatically by the arrival of Rupaszov (Szabolcs Thuróczy), a recently released convict who seems to take the two younger guys under his wing. Upon learning that Barba has a car, he enlists their assistance and they soon learn that he has a dark secret, he’s a hitman! The three of them team up and are ideal for the job, as no-one suspects them. They must learn to negotiate a seedy underworld they never suspected existed.

Kills On Wheels is a very enjoyable film, funny yet extremely dark in its humour and more often than not quite uncomfortable viewing. It’s a bold concept and one which paid off and which has a brilliant and totally unexpected twist. If you can handle the subtitles then this one is well worth adding to your collection.

“Just pretend you’re the best reject on Earth and loosen up. The pain will go away, for a few seconds…”

Kills On Wheels is available to buy now on Dual Format DVD and Blu-ray.

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DirectorAttila Till
GenreAction, Black comedy, Thriller
StarringZoltán Fenyvesi, Szabolcs Thuróczy, Ádám Fekete
Available to buy on : Own Kills on Wheels on DVD Own Kills on Wheels on Blu-Ray