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New World Dual-Format Review*****

Cert 15 | 134 mins | 2013

5 Star

Power, Loyalty and Duty.

New World is another five star film from writer/director Park Hoon-jung (The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale) this one released two years before ‘The Tiger’. This one changes genre from the open mountains of Korea to the very heart of the bustling corporate metropolis, where the gangsters run the city and the police try in vain to bring them crumbling down.

The Grittiest Gangster Film for Decades.

Goldmoon International is a multi national company running all aspects of industry across Asia. Goldmoon came about with the amalgamation of several crime factions that were assimilated by the dominant Jaebum clan, Northmoon clan and Je-il clan. Goldmoon is run by Seok Dong-chool, but after visiting his mistress he is killed in a mysterious car accident. This leaves a power vacuum within the conglomerate and there are a few candidates in line for head spot. Don’t forget these guys are gangsters not just men in suits.

The possible successors are Jung Chung (Jung-min Hwang, A Man Who Was Superman), Lee Joong-gu (Sung-woong Park, The Shameless), and to a lesser extent, Jang Su-ki (Il-hwa Choi, Traffickers). Joong-gu and Chung are fierce rivals and Joong-gu hates Chung because of his Chinese heritage and he is a bit of a brat. Chung’s number two and the one he refers to as brother is Lee Ja-sung (Jung-Jae Lee, The Housemaid) who have known each other for the past eight years.

But Ja-sung has a dark secret, he is a deep undercover cop and his handler Shin-woo (Ji-hyo Song, Codename: Jackal) poses as his GO trainer, she tells him to meet with the man that knows his true identity Chief Kang (Min-sik Choi, Oldboy, The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale).

The police are always trying to bring corporate gangsters down and with a man/men in place they want to manipulate the chairman vote and with Lee perfectly positioned Kang implements his and the chief commissioner plan, operation “New World”. This displeases Lee as he was supposed to be moving to an overseas division and it is long overdue. Kang tells him it will only be for a few weeks so he reluctantly goes with it.

With leaks and snitches every where, everyone is waiting for the next mole to be found and tortured, killed and disposed of offshore. Lee risks his life to get his friend to the head of the table.

With many twists and turns in the criminal and law abiding world this film will keep you gripped and on the edge of your seat all the way through.

New World is now available on Dual-Format.



·         Stunning 1080p presentation (On the Blu-ray), with a progressive encode on the DVD
·         5.1 Surround and Stereo soundtrack options
·         Optional English subtitles
·         Trailer 

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DirectorPark Hoon-jung
GenreAction, Crime, Drama
StarringJung-jae Lee, Min-sik Choi, Jung-min Hwang, Sung-woong Park, Ji-hyo Song
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