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Protanopia and Two More Timothy J. Cox Short Films Reviews

4 Star

Three Stories, One Man

Richard Propes of The Independent Critic states, ”If you know indie actor Timothy J. Cox, then you already know he’s a serious actor. Cox has always had a bit of an “ordinary Joe” aura going on about him. He’s comfortable playing a wide range of characters, and he’s not beyond going way out of his comfort zone when the script calls for it”. We at RRR completely agree with these sentiments after watching the Horror feature Protanopia, written and directed by Matthew Mahler (To Be Alone, What Jack Built) who definitely made this a family affair.

Then his short dramas, the awkward Hard Truths and harrowing two-hander After.

On the edge of Suburbia, there is a house at the peripheries of a wood, this house is now owned by Alan Roscoe Jr. (Timothy J. Cox, Friends Forever, Live Health (Short)) after the recent death of his father. He is a man that keeps himself to himself, but he has inherited the role of head of the residents association. This brings him into contact with Jim (Ross Mahler), Janice (Paula Mahler), Vanessa (Andrea Norell), and Gladys (Barbara Mahler). It is the brash Janice that thinks that she is the true heir to the head of the table, as she has no respect for this mouse of a man and she also brings her own pie, ignoring the fact that Alan was baking a pie for the meeting.

Meanwhile, Luke (Anthony Carey, The Scream of Silence (Short)) is being interviewed by a detective (John Heerlein), over the disappearance of his ward Mallory, who we saw running through a forest at night, now there are posters asking for help to find her.

To feed another is parental, to feed yourself is greed and gluttony.

Janice brings up the missing person problem and thinks it would be a great idea to search the woods at the back of Alan’s property, but this time he puts his foot down and says No! Because there is going to be a storm.

This is when we find out Alan’s secret, and that secret is…

Protanopia is a gripping, independent horror that will keep you on the edge of your seats as you watch it through open fingers.

The festival run for the film has just begun.

Hard Truths is a look at how you go about addressing the things modern society says we cannot talk about, never mind a fifteen-year relationship face-to-face talk. Maya Ahmed directs this personal journey of Peter Gibney (Timothy J. Cox), the long time agent for the popular clothing model Hope Harmon (Paige Hoover, Friends Forever, Perdition). Her next step is just around the corner as a major clothing client is very interested in Hope…. But the offer comes with a major clause. Will, or can, Peter talk about the elephant in the room? This new job will help everybody concerned as photographer Lemuel ‘Lem’ Griffith (Ira Cross, Fighting the Fire, Perdition), makeup artist Meg Barnes (Joy Kapp, Perdition) all have a vested interest in Hope’s life, never mind her husband Danny Harmon (Patrick Johnston, Haunted House of Pancakes, All Your Friends Are Dead). Can Peter take Hope to the next level?

Timothy J. Cox and Paige Hoover have a hand in the writing of this excellent story.

HARD TRUTHS was released on December 10, 2023 and is also available for viewing on YouTube and on the streaming site, Reveel


YouTube Link:

Reveel Link:

The film is still on its festival run.

After goes even deeper than Hard Truths, as we broach the subject of a sudden violent death, the father of a police officer taken while on duty, trying to serve and protect the public. It is even harder for this father as he was also a police officer. Now Michael Darcy (Timothy J. Cox) has to come to terms with this trauma with his daughter Annie Darcy (Beth Metcalf, Nightmares Unleashed, Attack of the Corn Zombies). Michael is conflicted at this point, does he let his old colleagues do their jobs or does this old cop get his gun and hit the streets to find his beloved son’s killers, and deal out some street justice.

AFTER was released on July 28, 2023 and is currently available for viewing on YouTube and ShortVerse.


You Tube Link:


ShortVerse Link:

The film is still on its festival run.

These three films show off Timothy’s ability to play a wide range of roles, all equally believable/relatable, as he pulls you into one of his stories.

Keep a look-out for Timothy J. Cox on streaming sites






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