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The Curse of Rosalie Review

4 star unexpected and fun possesion horror tale.

The Curse of Rosalie is a 2022 American horror film written by Amy Mills (The Evolution of Andrew Andrews) and Will Klipstine, who also directs as well as taking the starring role.

It is showing now exclusively on the Icon Film Channel and will be released in selected UK cinemas from 14th April 2023 and on DVD & Digital 15th May 2023.

“Hey listen, my mother, she’s making her famous chicken and trifle tonight. She’d insist that you and your family just come on over.”

Daniel (Will Klipstine) and his wife Theresa (Amanda MacDonald – The Naked Ape) are being forced to relocate yet again because of his work as an insurance salesman, which forces him to move from town to town.

They take with them their troubled daughter Rosalie (Madeleine McGraw – The Black Phone, American Sniper), who has a bad habit of making alarming and ominous proclamations at awkward moments. As we suspect, things are not as they seem and Rosalie is suffering from a curse, brought upon her by Daniel and his wife when they made an ill-advised deal.

They soon meet their new neighbours, including the super annoying neighbourhood watch busybody Betty (Diana Wilde – Amgry Neighbours) and jovial John Driscoll (Steve Monroe – Miss Congeniality, School Spirits) who can’t wait to be friends. Once again, Rosalie’s unfortunate tendencies make their life tricky, but they do manage to arrange some play dates.

While they are here, they seek help for Rosalie from unpopular local native American seer, Floating Hawk (Irene Bedard – On Sacred Ground, The Bygone) who claims to know what is happening. With locals mysteriously dropping dead around them, can she save Rosalie before it is too late?

“You can’t just throw someone out of a treehouse because you don’t like them. He could have been killed, honey.”

The Curse of Rosalie is a very entertaining film to watch. There’s certainly plenty going on and nearly every horror cliche in the book is thrown at it, with magical daggers, sinister talismans and Harbingers of doom. I found the whole thing deliciously cheesy, just my kind of film.

Although low budget, it’s a great idea for a story, satisfyingly twisty and keeps you amused right to the end. I certainly didn’t work out where they were going with it and found the ending to be brilliant. The acting performances are enthusiastic and deliver some quite bizarre lines with great gusto.

A must watch for fans of tongue in cheek horror which doesn’t take itself too seriously.

“There is no hope for her here. She must leave. I will speak with you and you only, but she has to go.”

The Curse of Rosalie is now showing exclusively on the Icon Film Channel 
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The Curse of Rosalie is released in selected UK cinemas from 14th April
Own it on DVD & Digital 15th May
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