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The Third Bandit review****-

Cert 15 | 10 mins | 2016

4 Star Short.

Youth on the path of destruction.


From a collaboration with leading protagonist Jesse Platt and director David I. Strasser they wrote the story. With help from Storyhive and Telus and a thrifty budget of $10,000. The director and the actors have put together the tale of a young brother and sister set on the dangerous path of their own downfall.

ttbandmorgansAfter a disaster of a childhood and a spell in foster care Charlie (Jesse Platt) and Lara Morgan (Samantha Hum).

The siblings band together, with their love of heroin and each other. But they are bound together by a contract for the procurement of monies via direct extraction from monitory buildings.  For the leader of a farm/commune which is concerned with the growth of marijuana. Whilst bank robbing the duo come across Andrew Boone (Tavis Morton) who was also involved in bank robbery, but he was a young cop disgraced and discharged for heroin dependency.

ttband1With tense scenes with Boone tied and blindfolded to a chair, Charlie doesn’t trust him but Lara has growing feelings for the young user.

When they get to the farm Donovan Bishop (Will Kemp, Van Helsing) is upstairs awaiting their return but they are greeted by his second Brandy (Matthew Thiessen, Mission NinetyTwo) and things are not the same as when they left as a biker gang is now heading up the security of the farm.

ttbandguysDonovan is a charismatic leader and father to all his followers and as the siblings have not pleased him by turning up with less than expected and a new person in tow.

The terms of their agreement are to change and they have now choice to go along with it, for now it is .

Three Banks, Three Bandits and Three Days!

Will Charlie get to carry out his threats to eventually kill him.

This is a cracking short film that leaves you wanting a lot more, so we are looking forward to seeing Mr Strasser’s first full length film ‘Raw’ coming in the near future.


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DirectorDavid I. Strasser
GenreDrama, Thriller
StarringWill Kemp, Jesse Platt, Samantha Hum, Tavis Morton