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In a Time for Sleep (Short) Review****-

Cert Unknown 15 suggested | 15 mins | 2016

iatfs54 Star

Men, Women and Rash Decisions.

Director, writer, cinematographer and editor Tofiq Rzayer (The Girl in the Woods, Aftermath) brings us his third offering for Angry Student Films.

In a Time for Sleep (Bir Uyku Vakti) is a short film that drags you in from the iatfs1start. We see Layla (Goknur Danishik) laying out her heart to her boyfriend Arda (Mehmet Fatih Güven, The Cleaner (short)), who could not care how much effort Layla has put in to celebrate their one month anniversary even though he had told her to leave that morning.

iatfs6He really couldn’t care less about her feelings and when she says that she sometimes thinks it would have better not meeting him, he tests her resolve and in a hasty moment things change forever, especially when there is a knock on the door that won’t go away. It’s a woman (Elif Barut) looking for Arda, when she finds him she realises their nearly one year anniversary will be cancelled. The women work together to solve their problems in a time for sleep, by the next morning things have changed for the pair of young women.

iatfs3The film covers strong female characters and female issues with men and themselves although it is written by two men (Mehmet Fatih Güven and Tofiq Rzayer).


Other main credits

Original Score by Gergo Elekes
Original Songs by Serif Ahmet Ege
Editing by Tofiq Rzayev
Cinematography by Tofiq Rzayev
Original Stock Footage by Mitch Davies.
VFX by David Kislik



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DirectorTofiq Rzayev
StarringMehmet Fatih Güven, Goknur Danishik, Elif Barut
Category: Review, Short, Subtitled