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The Girl In The Woods (Short)****-

Cert U | 25 mins | 2015

Gizem Aybike ShahinGizem Aybike Shahin

tgitwthumb4 Star Short Drama

Tofiq Rzayer (Aftermath) writes, directs, screenwrites, cinamatography and edits this film showing his dedications to his craft. This is in my opinion his best to date. With tight filming you get the feeling you are there with the characters and you are a part of the mystery.

tgitwmertMert (Deniz Aslim) gets a text from his friend Ali, it is short and cryptic “Find me”, soon after tgitwcerenhe gets a frantic phone call from Ali’s girl fiancée Ceren (Gizem Aybike Shahin, Aftermath). 

Ceren comes over to Mert’s and they discuss the missing Ali and why he may have disappeared as there was no answer from his phone then it was tgitwcemswitched off. Even though they had had an argument it was nothing to run away for and Mert is all for letting both cool down, believing he’ll turn up well in a couple of days, that is until Cem (Mehmet Samer) tells Mert that he saw Ali heading for the woods, not a place he normally frequents, curious Mert takes a walk down to the woods.

Where he meets a mysterious woman (Cevahir Casgir) who he confides in her his woes.

tgitwwoodsWhat will he do to get his friend back and will he return to The Girl in the Woods.

Turkish film making seems to be in good hands.


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DirectorTofiq (Tofic) Rzayer
GenreShort, Drama
StarringDeniz Aslim, Cevahir Casgir, Gizem Aybike Sahin, Mehmet Samer
Category: Short, Subtitled