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Time Addicts Review****-

Cert 18 | 91 mins | 2023

4 Star

Take Your Time With this One.

For his first feature, Sam Odlum writes and directs the next stage in his Time Addicts short story, supported by the executive producer of The Babadook. It is obvious from watching Time Addicts that Sam Odlum has a very furtive imagination, and a bright future after this brilliant piece of black comedy – sci-fi writing. A Time twisted Aussie humour that has the makings of a cult-classic.

Johnny (Charles Grounds, Elvis, Babyteeth) and Denise (Freya Tingley, Hemlock Grove (TV Series), Jersey Boys) are two penniless drug addicts and as usual, ‘Dee’ has smoked all their crystals. Now their dilemma begins as they need more crystals, and they have no money, they never have any money, and they have already run up a large tab with Kane (Joshua Morton, Bluey, Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child) their dealer.

Kane does his business out of the local laundrette, and he doesn’t care who is in there. Johnny tries to get their drugs on tick, but Kane isn’t that stupid. He can be violent, but there is no need for that today, as he has a job that needs doing and if completed successfully, it will clear their debt.

The job, a heist. A little up front?

What are we, thieves for hire?

The job is to acquire a bag of drugs from a sleeping old man in a derelict old house down the road. The only way in and out is through the bathroom window, get the bag and get out, that is it, just make sure you don’t touch any of the product, especially the big crystals, they are new.

I heard that someone smoked one, and they disappeared, until they were spotted in a textbook, panning for gold.

They make it inside the old boarded up house, and the sounds of snoring can be heard from another room as predicted by Kane.

This looks like a fairy tail for #*nts!

As usual Johnny gets Dee to do all the dirty work, and she gets the bag, great now let’s get back to Kane. But the bathroom window is now chained up, just like the front door. As Dee tries to break the padlock on the front door, Johnny has a look in the bag, and spots the new product.

Due diligence, test the effing gear.

Johnny gets an instant hit, and starts spouting his mouth off in a long rant, then suddenly. Poof, and he is gone, right in front of Dee’s eyes.

Even stranger things start to happen as she hears noises from another room, hesitantly she investigates, a note appears from under the door, “Denise help”.

Thinking it is Johnny, she is about to try the door when another note slides through the gap, this has to be Johnny, she unlocks the door, and is confronted by…

You will have to watch to find out, as these guys know how to act, and swear a lot. There is a lot to take in with this twisty tale of two drug addicts, temporal narcotics and lost family, throw in a heavily pregnant enemy of the pair (Elise Jansen, Predestination, Underbelly (TV Series)).

If you are in the market for a time paradox film, then this is right up your street, if not then it will punch you in the face today, yesterday and tomorrow until you are. Brilliant.

Time Addicts is available on Amazon Prime


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DirectorSam Odlum
GenreSci-Fi, Thriller
StarringFreya Tingley, Charles Grounds, Joshua Morton, Elise Jansen