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Brexit: the Will of the People Review*****

Cert 15 | 58 mins | 2019

5 Star

The Peoples Words.

With three years of squabbling in the houses of parliament of should we stay or should we go? Well the peoples vote was leave and the dead line is about to be reached and Jp Gates takes to the streets of our capital of the UK to see what those on the street and those in business have to say about the impending doom and gloom or boom time.





Brexit: the Will of the People is a peoples documentary, as British and Foreign UK residents put Brexit in their words.

With the fears of the backstop in Northern Island and what will happen with World trade.





Some business people believe that the country will suffer a cataclysmic financial disaster and others think this is what the UK needs to rise to the top.

While there is the legal aspect of leaving the EU and how we trade, this is also covered.

What will you think, who will you agree with and who will you call a fool?

This is a debate that has divided the country and families throughout the UK and rages on today as the deadline rapidly approaches.

Brexit: the Will of the People, is the most honest representation of the UK in 2019.

Brexit: the Will of the people is available on Amazon Prime

DirectorJp Gates
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