Road Rash Reviews

HK: Forbiden Superhero Review ****-

Cert 18 | 90 mins | 2014

4 Stars where the pants are definitely on the outside.
Not in the wildest, darkest nightmares of Batman, Superman, Spiderman or any other crime-fighter for that matter, would they ever think that they would end up looking like this Superhero. “HK Super Pervert.”
From the pen of Keishu Ando comes the story that was serialised in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine, we see…more

Attack on Titan Part 1 Review *****

Cert 15 | 13 x 24 mins | 2014

5 Stars as Production I.G. Gobble up the opposition.
From the superb studio that has brought us such delights as Ghost in the Shell, Psycho Pass and The End of Evangelion, this is the story of the human race under pressure to survive against gigantic odds, as they are the fodder for the Titans that feast upon humans for the fun…more

Karneval Complete Series Collection Review ***--

325 mins | 2014

3 stars for this intriguing but entirely too cute animation.
Karneval is a very strange series. It is basically sci-fi I think, and although on first impressions it comes across as being very fluffy and trivial, once you get into it there is actually a very good (and quite dark) story-line.
It tells the story of Gareki, a young pick-pocket who feels…more

How do you Rob The Mob?

A simple, true (based on one at least) story of a couple who are a little in need of cash and their inventive way of getting some, i.e. robbing New York City’s mobsters! This is the story of Thomas and Rosemarie Uva and their way of earning, sorry getting, a little more money.
What could go…more

The Mill Series 2 Review *****

Cert 12 | 6 x 47 mins | 2014

5 Star Acting and a history lesson to boot.
Created and written by John Fay (Brookside, The Mill, Torchwood) we see the continuation of the Quarry Bank Mill re-enactment. We have jumped 5 years to the period of 1838-1842, where the Tolpuddle Martyrs have been found guilty, extradited to Australia and freed. but the Poor Law Amendment of 1834 is starting…more

Werewolf Rising DVD Release Review Ouch!

Cert 15 | 77 mins | 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have our first recipient of the dreaded Turkey award.
Werewolf Rising is written and directed by B.C. Furtney (Do Not Disturb, New Terminal Hotel), who is known for his work in independent films and now also for his bravery in putting his name to this particular production.
This magnificently rubbish effort tells us the story of Emma (Melissa…more

RPG (Real Playing Game) DVD and Blu-ray Review ***--

Cert 18 | 103 mins | 2014

3 stars for an interesting but poorly executed sci-fi film.
RPG (Real Playing Game) is written by Tino Navarro and directed by Tino Navarro and David Rebordao.
What first attracted me to this film was the fact that it stars Rutger Hauer (Blade Runner, Sin City) as our hero. Hence the disappointment that he barely features at all, and even then only…more

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