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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview


The Bush Knife: The Rise, Six Shooter Cast Interview.








The Bush Knife: The Rise is a South African Indie film directed by Renaldo Kell (Legacy of Steel) that is currently filming in and around Durban with filming wrapping up in December, and it is expected to hit the cinema’s October 2016, precise date TBC.

William Singh was an ordinary working man who had a beautiful wife and two daughters. But a darkness fell upon his life through a man known as The Skull. Now, William will have to embrace his other side. A man who he has hidden for many years. Vengeance will rise through him and he will be called The Bush Knife.

We at RoadRash Reviews have been very lucky and have an interview with Mr. Kell and some of the key talent of The Bush Knife: The Rise.

Bruce Gounder :- Bush Knife

Ryan Mayne :- The Skull

Jerome Naidu :- Detective Rome

Elanza Nortie :- Lady Blue

Ashkelon Megnath :- Dark Siege

Angela Val Verde :- Mrs Singh

Livania Carnello :- Kathy

Yarushka Singh :- Kerry


But first we put our questions to the director Renaldo Kell.


Q1 Where did Bush Knife come from?

20150411_124516Well Bush Knife was actually inspired by the film Machete. As I am a superhero lover I wanted to create something along those lines. But more for the adult viewer. AND so bush knife was born.


Q2 What is the connection between The Bush Knife: The Rise and The Rise of Bush Knife Bobby (Ryan Mayne) The Skull?

11536818_10205365589793955_133978177_n(1)Well Bush Knife Bobby was a comical character developed by another director. Bush Knife, our film, isn’t related to that character even though the lead has played both. Ours is more based on the weapon and character whereby the other was to basically make fun of the Indian accent which I feel was not a good move. The Skull is the main bad guy who the character Bush Knife used to work for. After Bush Knife decided to leave a life of crime The Skull took it hard and wanted to destroy everything Bush Knife loved.

Q3 What are the principal problems with being an indie film maker?

Lol. Where do I begin? Budget for one. In South African not much of the investors have an interest in funding independent film makers. So you find it difficult to get budget for a film that has rarely been done, action. So because of my dedication to my career I funded the film out of my own pockets along with the help of my co-producer Bruce Gounder.

Q4 What are the best bits about being an indie film maker?

Being creative. I love it when you have to be creative. Because of not having the budget to do CGI as well as big amazing scenes you are pushed into a corner whereby you have to create different methods of doing action sequences.

Q5 How did you get into film making?

Well I started in 2005. I was actually part of a rap group called Born Again. So I used to fiddle with a small digital camera and my friends and I would spend weekends just filming what ever we felt. Then I decided since we have a song let’s do a music video. My first video I did was a surprise as I learnt how to film from watching movies and music videos. From there we decided to do a comedy series called Ronald and Vishnuu. But as the months went by my friends lost interest but I wanted to go further into film. I loved doing it and my first short films were Steel, Street Fighter Vengeance and Legacy of Steel which I released to youtube. And the rest was history. I feel in love with film and spent hours and hours just editing and never once got bored.

11301406_10205353467210898_40213372_nQ6 How did you find your main cast members?

Well, me and Jerome knew each other from Ronald and Vishnuu. Most of the cast I worked with in the past like Ryan Mayne. And the rest approached me when I was doing auditions as well as some were suggested by my good friends Angela Val Verde and Bruce Gounder.
Me and Bruce meet, well I meet him as a fan of his work. I decided to do an advert with him for his iconic character bobby and then we decided why don’t we change his image. Let’s make a serious film and shock his fans.

Q7 Is South Africa a good place to make indie films?

Well, in South Africa when you have a low budget there are so many things you can do that you can’t archive in other countries. Like it will cost maybe $5000 to blow up a car here for a scene, but in the states it would be a lot more for example  $500,000. So yeah, I think South Africa is a good place to make an indie film. If you are on a tight budget.

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