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Cloak and Dagger [1946] (Masters of Cinema) Dual Format Review ****-

Cert PG | 106 mins | 1946

4 Star
War Time Arms Race
(Love in the Underground)

Filmed just after the war ended, Cloak and Dagger is a true tribute to the men and women who risked their lives in occupied Europe during WW II as part of the O.S.S. (Office of Strategic Services). From the legend that was Fritz Lang (The Woman in the Window, Der Mude Tod, Human…more

Doll House Trailer

“DOLL HOUSE” Official Trailer Drop!
The film stars 80s pop legend and 4-time Brit Award winner, TOYAH WILLCOX (Quadrophenia, The Tempest, Invasion Planet Earth) and Film and TV legend MARK WINGETT (The Bill, Quadrophenia, Snow White and The Huntsman) with also reality TV star PAUL DANAN Celebrity Love Island, Celebrity Big Brother, Hollyoaks)

A care home for child runaways takes in a 11-year-old girl, her only belongings are a Doll and mysterious…more

24 Hours in London Review ***--

Cert 15 | 84 mins | 2020

4 Star
A Bad Day For All.
Producer, writer, director Paul Knight (Tomorrow Never Knows) once again directs one of his own compositions in this cops versus’ the baddies interview room drama. As a newly released con (Kris Johnson, Essex Vendetta, Undercover Hooligan) goes on a killing spree to avenge the brutal murder of his sister.
With news reports of mass shootings…more

The Gallows Act II Review ***--

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 2020

3 stars of teenage social media aspirations gone wrong.
The Gallows Act II is the sequel to the hit film The Gallows. Not having seen the original, I can’t draw any comparisons, but it doesn’t seem that you need to have watched it to understand this one, it works well enough as a stand alone.
It is written and directed by Travis…more

Doorways Review ****-

Cert TBC (18) | 102 mins | 2015

4 Star
Diplomacy of the Fist
Doorways is the first film by writer, director and actor Steven Murphy and what a way to start, as he uses his life skills to bring a story that is close to his heart. Done on a non existent budget, his story shows that you don’t have to throw money at a project to make a really…more

In the Line of Duty Review ***--

Cert 15 | 99 mins | 2019

3 Star
The Countdown Has Started
Steven C. Miller (Escape Plan II, Southern Fury) takes video game writer Jeremy Drysdale‘s (Battlefield 2, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat) original story and brings us a fantastical bad day cop story. With a new take on mass media news streaming as it happens in all its raw reality(ish).
Beat cop Frank Penny (Aaron Eckhart, Erin Brockovich, The…more

Crawl Review ***--

Cert 15 | 87 mins | 2019

3 stars of teeth snapping stormy action.
Crawl is written by Michael and Shawn Rasmussen (Dark Feed, The Ward), directed by Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes, Piranha 3D) and produced by horror legend Sam Raimi (Evil Dead 2, Xena: Warrior Princess).
“Okay, it’s cool. Cable guys do it all the time…”
Haley (Kaya Scodelario – The Maze Runner, Moon) is a competitive…more

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