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The Irish Mob Digital Review***--

Cert 15 | 80 mins | 2023

3 Star

Crime, Law, and Disorder.

From first-time feature writer/director Patrick McKnight comes a hard hitting look at the criminal element in Dublin, Ireland, and the efforts of the Garda to curtail their activities. With the lead actor narrating the film, it does feel you are being led by the nose through the film, until… Well, you’ll have to wait for that revelation. A great film for your first, taking on the role of writing and directing.

Meet Valentino ‘Val’ Fagan (Rob McCarthy, Dublin Crust, Don’t Listen) the King of Dublin, the man that controls all the coke coming into the country, and its distribution. The bane of his life is the Garda, which means Detective Kevin Hogan (David Greene, The Queen v Patrick O’Donnell), and his boss Detective Liz Delahunt (Pauline O’Driscoll, Dublin Crust, Busman’s Holiday), who have been hounding him and his associates for years, and years, but they have never been able to make anything stick. So it is always a cat and mouse affair between the two protagonists. On Val’s side are the Corrigan brothers Noel (Gerry Cannon, Moishe, Dublin Crust) and Dessie (George Bracebridge, The Wandering, Sonny Capone) who supply Val with his product.

Bazza (Steven Jess, The Sleep Experiment, The Ghost of Winifred Meeks) sells on the coke, and he brings the profits to Val, he has heard that there is a truck load of smart TV’s being moved through the city, Val isn’t one to miss an opportunity to make some easy cash. Val relies on most is Alan ‘Renno’ Reynolds (Liam Griffin, Picture of You), his trigger man, and fixer, so Val can concentrate on the important things like Decco Cunningham, an out-and-out psychopath getting released from jail.

But when the Corrigan’s call Val over to Amsterdam, they have very bad news, and they want Val to put one million in the pot to get a huge delivery. Val will have to pull off some audacious jobs to deliver to the Corrigan’s, all the while avoiding the coppers.

Val’s small band of outlaws have to compete on the tough streets of Dublin.

If you are gearing up for Saint Patrick’s Day, this is a great way to get into the Irish vibe. For a first time feature, The Irish Mob Hits a Big Score.

The Irish Mob is on UK digital platforms on 13 March 2023 from 101 Films


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DirectorPatrick McKnight
StarringRob McCarthy, Pauline O'Driscoll, Liam Griffin, Lynseyann Mulvey, Aidan O'Sullivan