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Return to Sender Blu-ray Review

Cert 18 | 95 mins | 2015

3 Star r2scoverThriller

From a very inexperienced team of writers, Patricia Beauchamp and Joe Gossett and director Fouad Mikati comes a watchable thriller, even if it seems that the whole story is a little contrived, with the character development and the character quirks.

r2ssurgeryr2sjobMiranda Wells (Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl) is a young woman working as a nurse in a critical unit within a hospital who has aspirations of becoming a surgical nurse. This would fit in really well with her OCD (quirk 1) about hygiene (won’t use something someone else has used). She sees miracles of recovery every day and also the tragedy of death as well, but she lost her mother when she was a young girl and maybe this is what gives her the strength to be an angel of the wards.

r2sdarleneNancy (Camryn Manheim, Cop Car) her co-working nurse is all excited that the single Miranda is going on a blind date , as are the other people around her. Darlene (Rumer Willis, The Odd Way Home) testifies at Nancy’s birthday r2scakeparty that she is the one who suggested that Kevin (Billy Slaughter, Parker), who works with her dad, should go on the date. This is where Miranda produces her cake with spectacular icing decoration (quirk 2), even producing a cake knife for the cutting.

r2sdadHer father Mitchell (Nick Nolte, Gracepoint, The Trials of Cate McCall) tells her all of the things she has to look for when she she goes to look at the house she wants to move to.

r2swilliamWhilst getting ready for her date with Kevin she notices someone on her porch. She opens the door and the guy claims to be Kevin. He is very early and Miranda still needs to finish getting ready. As she disappears into her room he starts commenting on her packed things and starts sounding a bit creepy, then the toothpick goes in the mouth (Quirk 3) and Miranda asks him to leave. He locks the door and starts to attack her, claiming  that he has always liked r2saftermathher and even saw her save a man from choking in the diner. A fight breaks out, ending up with Miranda being raped and the guy fleeing. Soon the real Kevin is finding the aftermath and explaining what he found to the police. Whilst she lies in hospital being treated and examined for forensic evidence, when questioned whether or not she had seen the perpetrator before she answers yes!

William Finn is the rapist and he works at the diner, he is soon caught and thrown into prison, but the effect on Miranda is profound and she starts losing r2scrystalinterest in things, and generally losing the plot. Just ask Crystal (Scout Taylor-Compton, Dirty Lies) at the dry cleaners.

But when she wakes up on the kitchen floor clutching a note that she had written in her sleep with her special pen (Quirk 4), she realises she must confront her assailant, so she rights the letter to him in prison, but as the name of the film suggests the letter is returned.

The rest is for you to watch as this is a thriller, there is a behind the scenes special feature to add the experience. but in general this film was a waste of Nolte‘s talent and those behind the pen and the one sat on the directors chair should spend more time learning their talent before getting such talent in front of their cameras. I figured it out very early on in the film but hey I still went along for the ride. Can’t work out why it is a 18cert certificate either.

r2sbanner1Available to Order Online Now.

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DirectorFouand Mikati
StarringNiick Nolte, Rosamund Pike, Shiloh Fernandez, Camryn Manheim
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