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Sparks DVD Release Review****-

Cert 15 | 94 mins | 2014

4 Stars of Black Hero actionsparkscover.

A dark tale of when trying to do the right thing is not necessarily the right thing to be doing and what happens when you realise the consequences.

Rochester – New York 1920 and the state is in the grip of a serial killer “Ring Master Jesus”. With over 40 victims, the state is in fear, the sick killer films his victims whilst he enjoys himself.

But on that fateful night, out of the night sky falls a meteorite smashing into Rochester killing 230 people and releasing radiation that kills more, apart from the Rochester 13, who gain super powers.

2014-04-05 13.39.13Around the same time there is a family with a six year old son waiting at a level crossing. Behind them is a high speed shoot-out between the police and a bank robber, who is shot and his car rams into the car waiting at the crossing just as a tanker train passes by. The car is propelled 2014-04-05 13.37.52into the train, derailing the tanker and rips it open spilling its contents all over the young Ian Sparks, he is rescued by the police officer but it is too late for his parents.

He lives with his Aunty and by his 15th Birthday he decides that it is he that should clean up the streets, he does this till he hits 21 when he makes up his mind to head to the big city and join the “Supers” that have started appearing.

sparksladyIan Sparks “Sparks”, (Chase Williamson, John Dies at the End) soon finds the supers; thesparkssledge main ones being “Lady Heavenly”, (Ashley Bell, The Last Exorcism II) and here sidekick “Sledge”, (Jake Busey, Starship Troopers).

Everybody loves Lady and Sledge isn’t too happy when Sparks makes a move on Lady and they become an item, fighting crime and trying to catch the new killer, the Mysterious Matanza, (William Katt, Paranormal Movie).

Whilst out on the night job the pair are lured down into the sewers and come across the lair of the killer, but he surprises them and Lady is tied up and abused. When they are found, Sparks is unconscious and doesn’t remember anything.

He is disgraced and Lady will have nothing to do with him.

He hits the rails until Archer (Clancy Brown, Starship Troopers)sparksarcher, the police officer that had originally saved him from the train wreck, now saves him again and tells him he

sparksdawnknows some real Supers, ones that actually have real powers such as fireballs and the amazing Dawn who can shapeshift after touching someone.

The film was done on a budget and they have done a great job, filmed looking back over time and with the use of retrospect’s so you finally get the full story of Sparks’ life, loves and losses.

With lots of twists and turns it will keep you hooked till the conclusion of Sparks’ story.

sparksbannerAvailable to Buy on DVD and Blu-ray on the 7th April.

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