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We Still Steal the Old Way Review****-

Cert 18 | 98 mins | 2017

4 Star

Honour, Debts and Grudges.

Actor,writer,director Sacha Bennett (We still Kill the Old Way) carries on the story of the aged Archer Gang in the old Smoke. This time Archer (Ian Ogilvy, Death Becomes Her) is out to repay an old debt with his trusted cohorts.

Archer phones a man that has stolen more money than any other crook in the country, Sir Edward (Julian Glover, For Your Eyes Only) and tries to get him to do the decent thing, but being a banker he refuses.

Plan B, steal the money, a gold reserve in the middle of London. The old gang are back together Archer, Butch (Tony Denham, The Hooligan Factory) and Roy (Christopher Ellison, Buster), Butch being the younger of the gang.

But it goes all awry and they are caught red handed with the bullion and put on remand. Once inside hard nosed Governor Pryce (Tanya Franks, Broadchurch) and her goon guard C.P.O. Quinn (Sean Cronin, London Heist) put them in their place.

Now the gang can get on with what they came here for, to find George Briggs (Patrick Bergin, Patriot Games) for his daughter Anne-Marie (Deborah Moore, Into the Sun) and Archers other half Lizzie (Lysette Anthony, Krull). The plan is that they will spring George from prison so that he can visit his sickly wife one last time. But the previous Governor and Pryce refuse to let him have compassionate leave, hence plan B.

Word spreads that the Archer gang are inside and an old rival hears and wants to get his revenge, but he is in the wrong prison. So Vic Farrow (Billy Murray, How to Stop Being a Loser) sets inĀ  motion events to get him into the same prison as the Archer gang.

A fair second film for this growing franchise.

The old ways are always the best ways.

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DirectorSacha Bennett
GenreAction, Drama
StarringIan Ogilvy, Billy Murray, Christopher Ellison, Patrick Bergin, Julian Glover
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