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Wanted Man Digital Review***--

Cert 15 | 85 mins | 2024

3 Star

Drugs, Guns and Green Cards.

Co-written, staring and directed by action legend Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV, Johnny Mnemonic, Universal Soldier, Castle Falls, Expend4bles) comes a tale of an out of date cop whose life is about to change forever. With Lundgren‘s experience as an all out action actor, he knows how to tailor the violence to match the story. Wanted Man is a wakeup call to the old beliefs.

A warehouse in Mexico, a drug deal is in progress and everybody is happy with the deal, when suddenly they are interrupted by masked armed men. One of the men at the table recognizes one of the assailants. The DEA deal is over, and the bullets start flying.

The USA has a drug and an immigration problem, they come across the border and through tunnels, and the City of Del Vista is at the sharp end of this stick. Public relations must be kept in balance, but a long-in-the-tooth cop of twenty-plus years has caused an uproar, because of his assault on a migrant worker. That officer is Travis Johansen “Joe” (Rosa ), and his job is on the line.

Your attitude is a complete PR nightmare.

Police chief Hernandez (Roger Cross, Mad Money, Dark Matter (TV Series)) has a lifeline for his career. During the drug bust that went wrong, there were two working girls that escaped the killings. But they were picked up for shoplifting, and Joe’s lifeline is to head down to Mexico and bring Rosa Barranco (Christina Villa, River, Dressed for Love TV Movie) and Letícia Gomez (Daniela Soto-Brenner, Rosario Tijeras (TV Series), Scherzo Diabolico) back.

Save your reputation and ours, or you’re f*#ked.

Before he sets off, he spends time at the police’s dive bar, and spots his old co-workers Adam Hilts (Aaron McPherson, A Million Ways to Die in the West, Street Kings), Tinelli (Michael Paré, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Virgin Suicides) and his old partner Brynner (Kelsey Grammer, Frasier (TV Series), Cheers (TV Series), Transformers: Age of Extinction). Inevitably he drinks too much, so on his way to Mexico, he isn’t feeling his best.

He finally makes it to the rendezvous, where he meets Officer De La Cruz, (James Joseph Pulido, Westworld (TV Series), Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers) and his wards. Nobody is happy with this arrangement, especially because the Cartel, and their huge amount of money and influence, are involved.

It’s a long journey back to the States, but soon things go haywire and Joe is blamed for the deaths of Cruz and Letícia. He and Rosa have a fight on their hands, and they need to survive and get across that border.

Wanted Man brings Lundgren back into the action genre, with his own style stamped all over it, grab the popcorn and enjoy the action.

Wanted Man is available on Digital Platforms 1 April. Distributed by Signature Entertainment



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DirectorDolph Lundgren
GenreAction, Thriller
StarringDolph Lundgren, Christina Villa, Kelsey Grammer, Michael Paré, Roger Cross