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The Last Breath DVD and Digital Review****-

Cert 15 | 96 mins | 2024

4 star shark infested underwater action.

The Last Breath is a 2024 horror/thriller film, written by Andrew Prendergast (The Courier, Parasite) and Nick Saltrese (A Prayer Before Dawn), and directed by Joachim Hedén (Breaking Surface, Framily).

It is available on DVD and UK Digital Platforms from 1st July 2024, courtesy of Signature Entertainment.

“Crazy old Levi was right all along, and it was worth it.”

It’s 1944 and off the British Virgin Islands, the U.S.S. Charlotte is hit by a U-boat strike and sunk without a trace. Moving forward to the present day, British expat diver Levi (Julian SandsNaked Lunch, The Ghosts of Borley Rectory) has been searching for the wreck for forty years, to no avail. He is assisted in his search by U.S. college graduate Noah (Jack Parr – The Modern Way, The Admirer), who makes a breakthrough one day following a storm which has uncovered part of a ship. They soon realise that this is actually the Charlotte.

Noah is joined for the weekend by some of his college friends, former sweetheart Sam (Kim Spearman – As I Am, Glamour) and her wealthy and cocky brother Brett (Alexander Arnold – Yesterday, The Entertainer), along with Riley (Erin Muller) and Logan (Arlo Carter). All experienced divers, they are keen to dive the Charlotte, but Noah is adamant that it must be documented by the authorities first.

However, when Levi reveals he is massively in debt and about to lose the boat, Noah spies an opportunity and agrees to take them if Brett pays £50,000. He is happy to oblige, but once they are in the ship, he disregards Noah’s advice and as their air slowly starts to run out, it becomes apparent that the storm unearthed more than just the wreck.

“Okay, but no-one knows of it right now though, right? You just wait one more day to report it to the authority and we dive the Charlotte tomorrow.”

The Last Breath is a very enjoyable film, which builds the tension up really well. The set is amazing, as is the filming which is very clear and easy to see what is going on. The sound is also surprisingly good for something which is shot largely underwater.

The acting is excellent too, especially given that the actors (some of whom are newcomers) have their faces covered by diving masks for a large portion of the film. It’s also sadly the last film made by Julian Sands, who excels as ever.

It’s a good story, even though the ending is rather silly, and there’s plenty of gory limb biting and blood and guts. The location is glorious and makes you long for sun and sea (without the sharks). All in all, this one is most definitely worth a watch.

“We’re about to go into an unexplored wreck. I know you’re all pretty good divers, but this is different, so whatever happens, we have to stay together.”

The Last Breath is available now on DVD and Digital Platforms.

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DirectorJoachim Hedén
GenreHorror, thriller
StarringJulian Sands, Jack Parr, Kim Spearman, Alexander Arnold, Erin Muller
Available to buy on : Own The Last Breath on DVD
Category: Digital, dvd, film, Review