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Britain’s Greatest Ghost Stories – Official Trailer


A new Drama-Documentary that explores two famous British ghost stories.

A team of paranormal investigators use modern techniques and advanced technology when looking into some of the most famous ghost stories in and around Great Britain starting with the haunting of Borley Rectory and Pluckley Village in Kent which holds the record for most haunted village in Britain.

The Drama-Documentary stars Louisa Warren (Unhinged, Tooth Fairy, Cinderella’s Curse), Lee Hancock (Mega Lightning, The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory), Dan Jones (Ouija Hosts), Sarah Dorsett (Doll House) and is written & directed by Steven M. Smith (The Haunting Of Borley Rectory, The Ghosts Of Borley Rectory, Essex Boys: Law Of Survival, Doll House, Dead Again) and produced by Louisa Warren and Steven M. Smith.

The film is to be released through 101 Films in UK and ITN Distribution the rest of the world this Halloween. 

Steven M. Smith said, “We are so excited to release the Official Trailer for BRITAIN’S GREATEST GHOST STORIES. Exploring true ghost stories throughout the UK, we have selected the two best known in Borley Rectory and the Kent village of Pluckley.”

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DirectorSteven M. Smith
GenreDrama, documentary
StarringLouisa Warren, Lee Hancock, Dan Jones, Sarah Dorsett