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Essex Heist Review

Cert 18 | 75 mins | 2017

4 Star

Mechanics, Motors and Money.

Writer/director Steve Lawson (KillerSaurus) brings us the tale of small fish trying to jump into a big pond, where the top shark swims.

Terry Slade (Steven Dolton, The Curse of Robert the Doll) runs casino’s in Nottingham and when he moved down to Essex he soon became the top man running everything from knocking shops to garages ringing cars.

This is where Prestige Motors comes in, a small garage under the railway arches doing Terry’s work. Jez (Glenn Salvage, Never Let Go) runs the place with Andy (Adam Collins, KillerSaurus) his second and with Clive (Dean Leon Finlan,¬†Pulp) and Davyboy (Marcus Langford, I Am Hooligan) doing the actual mechaniching.

One of the cars they are working on is a week away from being completed until Terry phones up and tells them it is for a family member. Jez not wanting to let the big man down says it will be ready in forty eight hours, putting the pressure on Clive and his oppo Davyboy.

Jez’s other concern is that Andy is seeing Terry’s niece and Jez cannot stress how much of a stupid idea that is, but Andy says they have known each other since they were twelve years old and he shouldn’t worry about it.

Jez doesn’t like working for someone else and he has his own ideas on how the local run-down areas can be put to better use, while Andy has his motorbike and Clive has problems with looking after his mother, who had a stroke and with alzheimer’s setting in and Davyboy has a habit that he has to find money to feed.

Things come to a head when Andy comes in and has a private word with Jez about their employer and his past indiscretions and how he is paying for them now in presents of cars and flats and most of all a huge sum of money. Which will all be in tens, twenties and fifties and they will be coming down from Nottingham via the back roads to avoid the CCTV cameras.

Cogs start to turn in Jez’s head, when a huge debt collector (Richard Carter,¬†Eliminators) turns up looking for Davyboy, but he only finds Andy who doesn’t give him any information. Frustrated the big man pulls out a gun. This is when Jez turns up and puts a ‘gun’ to the big man’s head, Andy grabs the guy’s gun, but a fight breaks out and when the debt collector is on the floor he pulls out another gun from his boot. Andy quickly disarms him and now the guys of Prestige Motors have two guns, and Jez can see an opportunity for the four grease monkeys. What could possibly go wrong?

A great addition to the Essex story, as we feel for these guys struggling to make ends meet and that one that has bigger aspirations.

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DirectorSteve Lawson
StarringGlenn Salvage, Adam Collins, Georgia Annable, Dean Leon Finlan, Marcus Langford
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