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A Mouse’s Tale DVD Review***--

Cert PG | 87 mins | 2015

3 stars for this very entertaining but simple children’s film.A Mouses Tale cover

Written and directed by David Bisbano and Mychal Simka (Birds Of Paradise), A Mouse’s Tale is a Peruvian/Argentinian production, which has been dubbed into English.

Just in time for half term comes this straight to DVD computer animated film, which tells a story set in the Kingdom of the Mice. The mice have a strong connection to the fairy folk and quite often do their bidding, receiving help from the fairies in return.

A Mouses Tale Sam and SebastianWhen out adventuring one day, aspiring wizard Sebastian (Drake Bell РUltimate Spider-Man) and his friend Samantha (Dallas Lovato РFrog Kingdom) accidentally find their way into the secret underground tunnels of the Rats while evading a couple of angry cats and learn of a fiendish plan to invade the Kingdom of the mice.

A Mouse's Tale BalliwogHe immediately sends his fairy to tell the Court Wizard, Dalliwog (Tom Arnold – True Lies, Nine Months), who promptly teleports him to the throne room to explain to the King (Jon LovitzBula Quo!) in person.

When they catch sight of his makeshift wand, constructed from a cat’s whisker, they immediately pronounce him to be the chosen one, who will travel to the Land of the Giants to collect the magic crystal from “Monkey Butt”.

A Mouses Tale Sir ThaddeusAnd so begins the big adventure, as Sebastian heads off into the great unknown with Samantha and his two companions, Sir Jonas (Jon Heder РNapoleon Dynamite, Blades of Glory) and Sir Thaddeus (Cary Elwes РThe Princess Bride, Twister), brave knights of the mouse Kingdom.

Together, this unlikely band must reach their goal and find the white crystal , so that they can defeat the evil Rat army, led by “The Dark Rodent” and save their land from total destruction.

A Mouse’s Tale is done in a very simple but elegant animation style, nothing too elaborate but perfectly sufficient for the age group at which it is aimed. The voice acting is good and although the the script is relatively primitive, again it does what it says on the tin.

A Mouse's Tale Rat armyThere is humour involved too, all be it slightly childish, but it should be enough to keep the adults who are watching this with their kids happy, and the youngsters are bound to love it, colourful, involving mice and with enough of a twist for them to work out that they can feel satisfied with themselves too.

This is a great film to sit down to with the whole family, grab the popcorn and enjoy.

“Mice and men will sing of our glorious deeds. Unless we lose, then they probably won’t. For tonight we fight for our beloved Kingdom. Now let’s kick some Rat butt!”

A Mouses Tale banner

A Mouse’s Tale is available to buy on DVD from 25th May 2015

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DirectorDavid Bisbano, Mychal Simka
GenreAnimation, Action, Adventure
StarringDrake Bell, Dallas Lovato, Cary Elwes, Jon Lovitz, Jon Heder
Available to buy on : Own A Mouse's Tale on DVD
Category: Animation, CGI, dvd, film, Review