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The Doll Master Trailer Promo

Chucky Meets His Maker!

Greenway Entertainment (Borstal) brings us there latest trailer for the creepy and gruesome ‘Doll Master’. Director Steven M. Smith (Essex Boys: Law of Survival) shows that he can do multi genre films. He says.

“It is great to get to show everyone a little bit of DOLL MASTER, which was put together by such great people and shot in just six days, a lot of fun was had by all involved and we are very happy with how it is looking.”

The film will be released in UK via 101 Films on DVD in Tesco’s, Asda, Morrison’s and HMV and via Digital Download on Sky Store, iTunes, Amazon Prime, Virgin Movies and Playstation on 25th September 2017 along with a USA Theatrical run and Netflix deal.


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