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Wolf Hollow Review****-

Cert TBD | 80 mins | 2023

4 Star

Wolftastic Horror.

Writer/director Mark Cantu (Night Zero, Massacre Academy) brings us a proper old style Werewolf horror flick, featuring great make up effects and gives us an authentic scary monster. The premise is classic, young people in the woods, and everything goes wrong. What more do you want, Wolf Hollow does not disappoint. A must-see for horror fans. #SupportIndieFilms

Kitty (Angel Nichole Bradford, Mothman, Night of the Axe) is having a fun night with Roy Neuri’s (Noah J. Welter, Where’d You Go, Bernadette, An American Pickle) party in the middle of the woods, when the howls ring out. As one of the guys goes to relieve himself he is in for a shock, it is feeding time for the local werewolves. Let the mayhem ensue, as heads are ripped off and throats ripped out and the special Effects team get to show off their art.

One Year Later.

We hear that the small town of Wolf Hollow is being merged with the larger Orrstown, as a young group of filmmakers head to their scouting location. The boys Roy, Benji (Jordan Ploskina), Timmy (Lucas Dunaway, United We Fall II: The Exposed Truth, Wicked Ones), and Lucky Steve (Brandon Krum, Amityville Karen, Brain Hunter: New Breed 1987), are in a car, while the girls Beth (Jess Uhler, Massacre Academy, Shingles the Movie), Marla (Lynn Lowry, Ready for My Close Up, The Crazies), Twila (Spencer Madison, The Female Hustler 2, Season of Love), and Gillian (Kamarra Cole, Balboa Blvd, Time’s Up) are in a motor home, heading for Wolf Hollow, and the Haunted Hayride camp.

Meanwhile, Bart Neuri (Brian Ceponis, Sacred Grounds: Forbidden, Massacre Academy), and wife Evie (Felissa Rose, Sleepaway Camp, Cerebral Print: The Secret Files), are arguing with Mayor Schuzmarke  (Daniel John Kearney, Massacre Academy, Dementophobia) and his assistant Miss Rosi (Hannah Fierman, V/H/S, Dead by Midnight (Y2Kill)).

They are arguing about the debacle that happened last year and the cost of putting it right, and they are running out of time as the two towns merge, and there will be an influx of strangers to their tight knit community.

Later the filmmakers arrive at Bart’s and Evie’s Hayride, and they are pleased to see their son, Roy, returned to the fold. But he explains that he is now a New Yorker, and is only here for the filming, and they need to get on with it, as they will lose the light shortly, so Bart leads them into the woods.

Nine go in, how many will make it out alive?

Marla the darling of the screen is the star of the film and as she hams it up testing for the lighting, she takes a tumble down the hill and breaks her leg. They all panic, and so they should as the night descends upon them the noises start, something dangerous is in Wolf Hollow. Sheriff Thompson (Hans Hernke, Todd, Another Plan From Outer Space) has got a long night ahead.

Wolf Hollow is a great Werewolf film that really shows off the Special Effects team’s work of Caity Byers, Lynn Stillwell, Don Bumgardner, and Abbey Filtrante. Also, the work of Midnight Studios FX (US) for their work on the Werewolf. The real star of Wolf Hollow is Lucky Steve as he takes his life to extremes, just watch the credits.

Keep your eyes peeled for release details of the Horror flick.

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DirectorMark Cantu
StarringFelissa Rose, Hannah Fierman, Lynn Lowry, Angel Nichole Bradford, BJ Mezek