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The Trust Review****-

Cert 15 | 88 mins | 2016

ttrustcover4 Star

Bent Cops, Criminals and a Stash.

From first time writing/directing siblings Alex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer¬†comes a new slant on the buddy, heist movie. Set in Las Vegas we find that the cops are as bent as those they try to put behind bars. It’s a free for all, just who is the best at it? Done in a style of a 70’s feel this black-comedy has that nostalgic feel, but set in the present it’s a little strange at first but fits the feel of the film well.

ttruststoneLieutenant Stone (Nicholas Cage, Tokarev, The Frozen Ground, Season of the Witch) is explaining the importance of forensic evidence within the contents of an ashtray when he is called to see captain Harris (Kenna James, Down and Distance). Hoping he is going to get the funding for a new computer system he rushes off, whilst his fellow properties officer Waters (Elijah Wood, Lord of the Rings trilogy) comes across a stowaway in ttrustwatersthe wardrobe.

Stone is disappointed to hear that Captain Harris thinks it will cost too much and that he should take it up with the Commander, but he told Stone to see the Captain. What the Captain actually wanted was for a certain piece of evidence to not go to the auction (A Tractor) but find its way to the Captains son-in-law as a present. Whilst sorting out the Captains request he spots a sports car up on the jacks and enquires about it and finds that it was owned by a drug dealer and the engine cylinders were full of drugs, which he tells the mechanic that it is evidence and it should be logged much to the annoyance of the mechanic.

ttrustwsheetHe checks out the wrap sheet and finds that the drug dealer was bailed with some one paying $200,000in cash.

Where does somebody get that sort of cash and at such short notice?This sets Stone thinking and not in a legal ttrustplansway either so he phones the newly single Waters and they meet at a bar. A plot is hatched and the pair seek out where this money comes from and when they find a place where stuff is always going in but never anything coming out, they have to make a plan to get in there and find out what is so valuable that it is kept behind such thick walls.

A different take on the heist film, but it is the dynamic between Cage and Wood that is the real reason to watch this film and a nice cameo by Jerry Lewis as Stones father.


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DirectorAlex Brewer, Benjamin Brewer
GenreBlack-Comedy, Thriller
StarringNicholas Cage, Elijah Wood, Jerry Lewis, Kenna James
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