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A Perfect Man DVD Review ***--

Cert 15 | 91 mins | 2015

3 stars for this somewhat cliched tale of love and marriage.
A Perfect Man is directed by Kees Van Oostrum (Gettysburg, Thinner) and tells the story of Nina (Jeanne Tripplehorn – Basic Instinct, The Firm) and James (Liev Schreiber – X-Men Origins; Wolverine), an American couple married for nine years and living in Amsterdam together.
Nina has been aware for many years…more

Bush Knife the Rise Promo

Cert 16 | 2015

Bush Knife The Rise is an independent film from South African Director, Writer and Producer Renaldo Kell (Street Fighter Vengeance). Filmed around Durban, we are treated to a tale of a man William (Bush Knife) (Bruce Gounder), who had previously borrowed money from a very bad man, The Skull (Ryan Mayne, Legacy of Steel), who has turned up at Williams…more

The Killing Blu-ray Review ****-

Cert 12 | 85 mins | 1956

4 Stars For a Classic Heist Movie from Stanley Kubrick.
This Blu-ray comes from the directing god that is Stanley Kubrick (A Clockwork Orange, 2001: A Space Odyssey, The Shinning, Full Metal Jacket). The Killing is his 1956 production of a daring heist, whilst in the special features you get Kubrick’s 1955 film Killers Kiss about a man trying to save…more

Date and Switch DVD Review ****-

Cert 15 | 87 mins | 2015

4 stars for this cheeky and funny romantic comedy.
Date and Switch is written by Alan Yang (Parks and Recreation) and directed by Chris Nelson (Ass Backwards).
Matty (Hunter Cope – April Apocalypse) and Michael (Nicholas Braun – The Perks Of Being A Wallflower) are typical teenagers. They have been best friends for as long as either of them can remember, raising…more

Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets *****

Cert 15 | 240 mins | 2015

5 stars for this compelling and highly educational insight into British history.
Britain’s Bloodiest Dynasty: The Plantagenets is directed by James Tovell and presented by Dan Jones, the author of The Plantagenets: The Kings Who Made England, the book upon which the series is based.
It documents the rise of the Plantagenet Dynasty to the throne, right through two hundred and fifty…more

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