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Eden of the East – Collector’s Edition Review****-

Cert 15 | 275 mins | 2017

4 stars of futuristic sci-fi action.

Eden of the East is an original story created, written and directed by Kanji Kamiyama (Ghost In the Shell: Stand Alone Complex) and produced by Production I.G. (Guilty Crown, Psycho Pass).

“Noblesse Oblige. I pray for your continuing service as a saviour.”

Eden of the East is set in Japan in 2010, three months after a terrorist attack which saw ten missiles hitting the country. This act of violence became known as Careless Monday, but as there were no casualties, the population soon forgot and moved on with their lives.

Saki Morimi (Leah Clark – Black Butler, Jormungand) is a senior at University, visiting Washington D.C. as part of her graduation trip. She believes the White House to be the centre of the world and wants to throw a coin into the fountain for good luck.

Unsurprisingly, the guards are not pleased, but she’s saved by the arrival of a young Japaneses man (Jason LiebrechtNoragami), stark naked, with no memory of how he got there and carrying only a strange mobile phone and a gun. He returns to his apartment only to discover lots of fake passports. He selects a Japanese one, Akira Takizawa, which puts him the same age as Saki and together they return to Japan.

News has broken that there has been another missile attack and Akira discovers that his phone gives him access to ¥8.2 billion and a concierge named Juiz who seemingly has almost unlimited power. His task is to spend the money for noble purposes and for the good of Japan, in any way he sees fit. The only drawback, when his credit reaches zero he will be eliminated by the Supporter.

Eden of the East is a very enjoyable watch. As you would expect from Production I.G. the animation is beautiful, slick and full of detail. It is a really good idea for a story, it rarely takes the direction you think it will and although it sometimes lacks purpose a little, it still works as a whole.

This collector’s edition contains the complete series, the two films: King of Eden and Paradise Lost and special packaging including a booklet, art cards and stickers. Well worth adding to your anime collection.

“The abuse of greatness is when it disjoins remorse from power”

Eden of the East Collector’s Edition is available to buy now on Blu-ray.

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DirectorKanji Kamiyama
GenreSci-fi, Drama, Action
StarringJason Liebrecht, Leah Clark, Stephanie Young, Christopher Sabat
Available to buy on : Own Eden of the East on Blu-Ray
Category: Anime, Blu-ray, Review