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Persona 3 Movie 4 Winter of Rebirth Review*****

Cert 15 | 105 mins | 2016

5 Star

The Fall, Death and a Wild Card.

A-1 pictures (Fairy Tail, Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Sword Art Online II) does it again and brings us a visually stunning and thought provoking end to the Persona 3 Quadrilogy with Winter of Rebirth. It comes as a Dual-Format collectors edition.

Makoto and the rest of SEES found out that their classmate Ryoji is in fact the entity Death, a shadow and tells them of the forthcoming ‘Fall’, the end of life on the Planet. The film starts with the sounds of screeching tyres and a car crashing, it is the events of ten years ago when Aegis battled Death, but she was unable to fully destroy him so she did the only thing she could. She sealed him away, within the body of the young Makoto.

Unknowingly, every time SEES took out one of the twelve Dark Arcana Shadows it removed a part of the seal holding Death/Ryoji in place. Ryoji is higher than the shadow but he is only the Appisor for what comes next, Nyx and her ‘The Fall’. He gives them two choices: 1. Kill Ryoji and they will forget all about the Dark Hour and they can live out their lives oblivious of the impending Fall, or 2. Wait and try and defeat Nyx and die knowing they failed the planet. He also points out that only Makoto can kill him. It is the 2nd of December he says he will give them until the 31st of December to make up their minds ‘Judgement Day’.

It is a couple of weeks later and the atmosphere around the world has changed.

“No cause yet found for the apathy-inducing malady sweeping the world”.

Strega’s Jin and Takaya spread the word of The Fall and the start of the Nyx religious gatherings, Takaya being one of the High Priests so SEES has to investigate. Everybody is facing their fate and the impending doom.

“Death is like a neighbour who is always with us”.

Each member of SEES takes their future differently, some trying to go out knowing what they are doing, others just want to waste away, but Persona’s don’t want to go out like that and want to fight for their existence.

How do you face impending Death?

Even Elizabeth from the Velvet Room gets involved with trying to bring Makoto out of his melancholy, for he is the one that has to make the choice between oblivion or fighting for your right to live the way you want.

A great series of films and with it being a collector’s edition, you get a great package. With tear jerking memories and the drama of the fight and the enemies conviction you will feel it all, from start to finish.

Available to Order Online Now.

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DirectorTomohisa Taguchi
GenreSci-Fi, Horror
Available to buy on : Own Persona3 Movie 4 - Collectors Edition [Dual Format] [Blu-ray] on Blu-Ray