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Tokyo Ghoul Root A Review*****

Cert 15 | 288 mins | 2016

5 stars of glorious gory ghoul action.Tokyo Ghoul Root A cover

Tokyo Ghoul Root A is based on characters from the manga series by Sui Ishida, written by Chūji Mikasano, produced by Studio Pierrot (Bleach, Naruto) and directed by Academy Award nominee Shuhei Morita.

It is the sequel to Tokyo Ghoul, so usual spoilers apply, don’t read before you’ve watched the first one, you have been warned!

“It’s a shame we don’t have time to eat…”

Tokyo Ghoul is set in a Tokyo where ghouls co-exist with humankind and an uneasy truce is in place, even though they still need to eat human flesh to survive. However, Aogiri Tree are stepping up their offensive and it seems the truce won’t last for much longer.

Following his kidnapping by Aogiri Tree and subsequent torture at the hands of Jason, Tokyo Ghoul Root A KanekiKaneki (Austin TindleBen-To) has been forced to come to terms with his ghoul half. As a result of the torture, his hair has turned white and he has almost forsaken his human side, covering that with an eye patch and leaving his ghoul eye exposed.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A AnteikuIn order to protect all of his friends at Anteiku (a coffee shop in Ward 20 run by ghouls which helps to keep the peace), Kaneki has decided he must join Aogiri Tree, must to the disappointment of Touka (Brina Palencia –  Good Luck Girl!), who doesn’t understand his motives for joining the enemy.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Kaneki and AyatoUnder his leadership they are able to take the battle to the streets and the CCG have their work cut out dealing with this new threat. He becomes known to the CCG as “The Eyepatch” and is wanted by every cop in the city, not least Shinohara (Brandon PotterLord Marksman and Vanadis), a police captain with an intense dislike of ghouls.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A Amon and AkiraWith their sights set on Cochlea, the Ward 23 Ghoul Internment Centre where all the highest risk prisoners are kept, Kotaro Amon (Mike McFarlandNoragami) and his new partner Akira Mado (Morgan GarrettSpace Dandy) face their greatest challenge yet.

Also new on the scene and causing mayhem is the One Eyed Owl, believed to be one of the strongest ghouls of all, who suddenly wants to fight. Things are coming to a head and Kaneki, Anteiku and Tokyo will never be the same again.

Tokyo Ghoul Root A bannerTokyo Ghoul Root A is certainly darker than the first series, but every bit as good. I must confess that given the sheer volume of blood and guts I was a little surprised it was only a 15, but who am I to judge? There’s plenty to satisfy gorehounds and that’s all that matters!

The story is excellent, with plenty of shocking revelations and situations to be resolved. I was hooked from start to finish and am thoroughly looking forward to the next instalment. For any horror and anime fans this one is a must own.

“You’re strong, Ayato. You had every chance to kill me while I was down if you’d really wanted to. So tell me, what is someone like you so afraid of that you’d be desperate enough to side with the enemy?”

Tokyo Ghoul Root A The Twins

Tokyo Ghoul Root A is available to buy now on Standard DVD and Collector’s Edition Blu-ray.

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DirectorShuhei Morita
AuthorChūji Mikasano
StarringAustin Tindle, Brina Palencia, Mike McFarland, Maxey Whitehead, Brandon Potter
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