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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview

yar1Now youngest sibling Kerry Yarushka Singh

1: How long have you been acting and what gave you the acting bug?

Bush Knife the Rise, is my first movie that I successfully gotten casted into however I’ve had many interests in acting and has taken a few drama classes in the past.

2: What was your experience like on set?

My experience on set was amazing I had absolute fun with people I have only met on set yet feel as if I knew them for years in the past. Everyone was pleasant and humble.

yar33: How did you get on with your on screen family, Bruce, Liv and Angela?

I am the only daughter to my parents and always wondered what it would be like to have a sister and now I really wish I did have a sister :). Livania and Angela and Bruce have now become my family real life family.

4: Which Super hero/ villain would you most like to play?
I would love to play Catwoman or Poison Ivy if we’re speaking Hollywood. But in Bush knife the Rise Elanza has played a very beautiful talented villain and has become my inspiration.

5: How did you get the inspiration to get tough in The Bush Knife: The Rise?

yar2I believe in working towards my future and achieving everything that I have hoped and dreamed of.

6: What does the future hold for Yarushka?

Which would be an electrical engineer. And perhaps a few more movies in the near future I like the best of both.

bkbannerThanks to all involved, for your time. We all look forward to seeing the end result in October 2016,

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