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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview

Now we have Detective Rome Jerome Naidu

Screenshot_2014-11-09-01-28-58 Q1 How did you and director Renaldo get together?

 The Director Renaldo and I actually know each other for some time now, some years back  Renaldo was involved in a RAP Group while I was a vocalist for a band.

Our teams always met by chance at events and before you knew it we struck a friendship and discovered that we had a passion for the arts and entertainment industry.

Renaldo shot and produced a music video for his group and at that time we spoke about doing a video for my band, ideas were shared and the next thing I knew, he has asked me to star in a web series he was putting together. The rest as they say is history.

 Q2 What attracted you to the role of Det. Rome?

I guess being sort of an action man, the thrill of chasing bad guys, guns, fight scenes and fast cars attracted me to this role, not to mention the mystery behind him. I enjoy surprises and Rome is full of them.

To see what they are though you will just have to wait for the Movie hahaha!

In my personal life I am quite the gentlemen and against violence so playing the opposite in a role was very exciting.

 Q3 What is the main thing that drives your character?

What drives my character is his thirst for justice and frustration trying to catch the Skull for many years and failing. Rome hates to fail and now with his new found friend, his chances of catching the Skull are drastically increased…or is it?

 Q4 What superhero/villain would you like to play?

 Oh! Great question! For a superhero I would most certainly play Batman, again, dark and mysterious, fast car and gadgets. For the villain I would have to 11414488_10205353470650984_38993331_nsay The Joker, I love the sarcastic crazy side to him!  

 Q5 If Renaldo was to reboot Super Mario Bros, would you like to play his Koopa?

 Yes I would! Without a doubt! Being the Villain for a change would be an interesting experience I guess.

 Q6 What are the benefits of being an indie actor in South Africa?

The freedom to star in any movie you are offered I guess and not tied down to just one. Looking forward to playing more roles though, do have some plans in the pipeline so let’s see how that goes.

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