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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview

Next up we welcome Lady Blue Elanza Nortje


Q1. What drew you to Renaldo’s project The Bush Knife: The Rise?
Since a very young age in my life I realized how much I would like to follow my career in modelling. At the age of 17, I joined Chrome model school and completed my course successfully at the end of October 2014.
During my graduation from modelling in October 2014, I was noticed by Renaldo, who offered me a great opportunity in his movie, Bush Knife: The Rise. I at first wasn’t sure if this was true or just another scam. So I checked it out and found that it is actually a very amazing project that has so much to offer the audience, from sexy moments to real full action.
1st November 2014 was the first for me on the set, though I was very nervous it was a great experience. On set I had to introduce Lady Blue a seductive assassin, she seeks out and hunts down the man named William Singh aka Bush Knife. She goes undercover as Merissa to gain access into Bush Knife’s hide out, and becomes the key for the skulls to erase Bush Knife finally from their master plan.
Thanks to Director Renaldo Kell and a great team for this wonderful opportunity to be part of this exiting project.

Q2 How do you feel performing in front of the camera?
At first I had nerves and was not sure what to expect. I’m sure things are different with every Director, but must say all credit to Renaldo, he makes me feel at ease and myself when I’m on set. Every time I’m on set it is just getting better and better.

Q3 Do you think your life experiences will help develop your character on screen?
ladyblueDefinitely, when looking back on my own life, I can relate a lot to the character Lady Blue. Some experiences were not things that I wished for, but life has its own way of treating a person. I believe every time on set is a new experience and so much to learn from. These experiences build confidence that helps me to be more of myself on screen.

Q4 Where would you like to be in 5 years’ time?
I love modelling and will continue doing that and see where fate leads me. We all know that in modelling you only have a few years when you can enjoy the spotlight, unless you can move into acting and get the break everyone is looking for. I’m currently very excited to play in the movie “ The Bush Knife The Rise “ Directed by Renaldo Emile Kell. I am also looking at starting my own business in hair and beauty, but first going to do my trade.

Q5 What superhero/villain would you like to play?
If I ever have the chance to play as a superhero it would be Storm “ X-Men “ . Why Storm? Not just because she can control the weather but the word ‘Storm’ means so much to me. There comes a time in your life where you face Storms but it’s all up to you if you are going to let the storm get you down or get up and take control of the storm in your life.

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