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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview

Now we have the Baddie (“Boo!”) The Skull Ryan Mayne



Q1 Is it fun being the bad Guy of The Bush Knife: The Rise?

Of course it is. Everyone one has that side to them, it’s a lot of fun to embrace that side without actually hurting anyone. Also girls dig a bad-ass, it’s good for my street cred ;).

Q2 What drew you to the part of the Skull?

It’s like the game cops and robbers sometimes you are the cop, sometimes you’re the robber. But he is so confident, he oozes macho almost ignorant arrogance, it’s fun to be that way without having people (in reality) think you’re an ass.

Q3 What are the best qualities of the Skull?

The Skull is a driven, focused individual who won’t stop for anyone or anything to get what he deems rightfully his.

Q4 What is your best tip for surviving filming?Screenshot_2014-11-21-16-17-38

Best tip, ha ha I have 3: coffee, snacks and most importantly a quiet spot on set for power napping. If you ask the other guys on set, they will confess to having seen me more than once sneaking in a couple zzz’s.


Q5 What is it like being an actor in South Africa?

Well, it’s not for the faint hearted. In R.S.A many gigs are not financially “viable/stable jobs” and your parents will probably have more conventional notions of a career. Even though it is considered a hobby more than a career choice. Acting is something one breathes, it is the best a person can be. In R.S.A you have to want this more than anything. I have made my choice and personally wouldn’t change a thing

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