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The Bush Knife: The Rise Six Shooter Interview

Who is up next? oh! Mrs Singh, Angela Val Verde.
bktrang1: What drew you to take a part in Renaldo’s film The Bush Knife : The Rise?

I own the OCA Acting Studio here in Durban, and I wrote to Renaldo if he needed any help with casting or any more actors in his film. I’m a business woman and always thinking of how to help my students. He then contacted me for my help in casting, and then he asked me to play the role of Jennifer Singh because the previous actress didn’t work out. I was thrilled of course to be asked to join the cast.

2: What drew you to RSA Durban?

My husband Jan Riekert is from here. We met 5 years ago when I was singing professionally on NCL Cruise Lines and he worked in the casino department. We fell in love and I took a leap of faith and moved here, and I never went back to the USA. We recently just got married on the 8-8-15 near Napa, California.

3: How do you balance your work between acting and the OCA acting studio?

It’s pretty easy my TV/Film acting classes are only on Saturdays, and I do Voiceovers during the week for Telemundo-Chazowen Media Productions. The Voiceover work is pretty flexible with my hours, so that allows me to be pretty open with taking on new projects.

4: How long have you been into acting and why?

I’ve been in the performing arts since I was 8 years old for a theatre company called Sacramento Children’s Theatre company called SCT by the late Alex Urban. That’s pretty much when I fell in love with the stage, and being in your own element and space that you can create. Since my days at SCT I’ve been in practically all aspects in the industry and loved them all; Singer, Actress, Stand-in, Stunt Double, Acting Manager, Acting coach, and Theatre Director. I love taking on a challenge and that’s why I love this business so much. This is the only industry where you can be any age, and grow with each project.

5: How was your experience on set with Renaldo and Bruce?

They’re great! I actually didn’t even meet Renaldo until the day I was filming, and was quite surprised to how nice and easy going he was. Bruce is just a big teddy bear, and met him weeks prior to shooting at an event for the film. They both have such a passion for this film, and it’s an honour to be in the film with them.

6: Do you have any other projects in the pipe?

Yes, I also did a movie called “Dear Jasmine” earlier this year playing Mrs. Bowman, a wealthy Entrepreneur who helps the lead actress Jasmine (played by Pelisha Somiah) see her true light and abilities towards her next career path.

Thank you Angela we wish you much happiness and success.

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